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When you just do not have the time or resources to get data from your third-party providers, we can get it for you.

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Getting the data you need

Data Pipes

Are you building a data warehouse and need access to third-party data? Are you building the next big app and just need some data external data that you do not have time to build ETL/ELT for? Use our hosted tools to get the data you need, where you need it.

Project Open*

APIs can be a powerful tool for getting things done on the internet or they be more of a pain then they are worth. The Open* project aims to make difficult to work with APIs the powerful tools that they can be through the use of OpenAPI.

Data Consulting

Do you need reports, analytics, or other insights into the data that you have. Our consulting services will help you get the most of what you have.

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Open* stives to work with companies to supply good OpenAPI specifications. This may require that we build them outside the hosted application, or just provide a solid testing framework that ensure that client code generators work as intended. If an API has other complex requirements like rate limiting, custom headers, or authentication, we will create […]

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